Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barbacoa, Bountiful UT

273 West 500 South #1
Bountiful, Utah 84010

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With that said the first restaurant on the chopping block is "Barbacoa" and, yes, there is a story behind this. In my non-blogging real-world life, my office sits behind what used to be Hogi-Yogi & Teriyaki Sticks, a sandwich/yogurt/Rice Bowl shop. Weird combination, I know! Now, I am not one to indulge in frozen yogurt. I see it as taking a shower in your jeans. You want to get wet, but don't want to take off all your clothes, which leaves you unsatisfied and now wet from head to toe. I did hear that they did have some good sandwiches and that their teriyaki bowls weren't that bad either. However after witnessing some behaviors from the staff on their breaks behind the building, I became so disgusted that I could never enter the building to order anything. Even thinking about it now makes me want to vomit. Uggggh, down stomach, down! Needless to say Hogi-Yogi died! All I have to say is, good riddance!?
    Barbacoa is a Fresh Mex style restaurant that serves burritos, salads and tacos. Monday April 26th was this location's first day of operation in Bountiful, Utah and I decided to put them to the test.
    The dining area is simple with the standard bench booth set up with available seating out on the patio. I did have to laugh however at the Disney style line corral in front of the bar where you place your order. It had me looking around for a Fast Pass line and a sign that said how long the wait was. I ordered a basic burrito with their signature Barbacoa Pork, rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and mild salsa on one half and hot on the other. Once all the ingredients were put together, the tortilla was wrapped together and then wrapped again in a silver paper wrapper. It looked like a black powder charge for a cannon, thick, rectangular, and packed to the gills. This should have been exciting, but the presentation was severely lacking. Now I know that this is a standard fast food tex-mex establishment, but come on! Give the burrito some pizzazz!
    Due to the size of the burrito I was relegated to the standard knife and fork. I know my mouth is big, but it isn't that big! The first flavor to hit me is a mandatory staple for any style of Mexican food, either tex-mex or traditional, is cilantro. I know of people that hate it, but to me there can?t be enough of it. It is the aroma of Mexican food, without it, it's just an American rip off. Sorry Taco Bell. The Barbacoa pork was juicy and had a sweet note that combined well with the two different types of salsa. I would say that the guacamole is a definite must.  As I ate my burrito I became increasingly impressed with the fresh salsa. Too often in fast food you are given packaged, processed, re-hydrated powdery...well...shit, that is boiled, fried, un-thawed, or comes out of a 17 step processing plant. Just when I begin to think that there is no hope, something brings me back from the brink. Overall, it was a very satisfying meal. My only suggestion is regarding their pricing. If you want to add anything to your meal, like guacamole, it costs extra. Now I understand that it's only $0.99, but it makes you feel like you are being ripped off. Why not just role all the extras into the original price and leave it at that?
    So, here is the bottom line. Would I eat here again? Yes. Don't be discouraged by your cannon charge of a burrito. I enjoyed it. The cost? Well it may be a little more than your Taco Bell, but you can expect a better meal too. 4/5 Stars.

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