Friday, May 14, 2010

The Blue Plate Diner

Blue Plate Diner
2041 S 2100 E 
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Ph# (801) 463-1151

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I don’t know what it is about eclectic, quaint stylings of 1950’s throw back diners, but I feel at home there. What I didn’t know was that after I left I would need a full cardiac work up, and I should have scheduled my angioplasty after I ate there. Let me tell everybody now, if you’re on a diet this isn’t a place for you! Don’t get me wrong, fat is the essence of flavor and there was a TON of flavor! In the reviews that are out there about the Blue Plate Diner they rip on the service. Now, I do have to admit that my dining experience was rushed. I missed a movie show time, went there to eat, and then realized that I only had 30 minutes to order, eat, and get back to the theater. After being there for 5 minutes I knew that 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough time, not because of the service, but because of the relaxed atmosphere. I wanted to stay, but the movie schedule haunted me.

On to the food. For my first time ever I ate a Ruben sandwich. My Ruben virginity was lost that day, and it was good. Stacks of beautiful thinly sliced corned beef enrobed in Swiss cheese and graced with sauerkraut hugged between two beautiful rye bread slices starred up longingly from the heavenly white platter. I snuggled the Ruben in my hands, inhaled deeply, and sank my teeth into its tender flesh.

That was either homage to trashy romance novel or Hannibal Lector’s last meal. Any way you look at it, the Ruben was delicious. The only thing that did put me off a little was the Bar-B-que flavor that was in the sauce. Hickory in a Ruben, it didn’t seem right and it really wasn’t needed. The flavor was also in their homemade fry sauce. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s a little much and masks the true flavor of the sandwich. If you order the Ruben have the sauce on the side that way YOU can decide how much you want if you like it.

If you go, make time to relax and enjoy your experience. This is a place where food shouldn’t be rushed! Sit! Enjoy! Take your time. If you’re in a rush, go to McDonalds or some other regurgitated fast food debauchery with bright colors and cartoon spokes-people where food is shoveled onto a conveyer belt then down the throats of willing victims. Just calling it like I see it.
Rating 4/5

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